Moving forward, moving back North

There are birds hopping around under my feet and inside this grocery store’s café. They slip on the tiled floor with every labored jump, navigating the aisle between the gherkins and cans of sustainably harvested tuna. They’ve come in, like me, looking for food. This organic grocery store and café was actually a reason whyContinue reading “Moving forward, moving back North”

Spiralling down the North Island

With its cacophonous, steady presence I am endlessly grateful for the existence of the sea. Here on the southern tip of the North Island, the rising swells crash fearlessly onto rocks. I would not want to swim here. Instead, I want to explore where high tide crashes into Lake Onoko, I want to do yoga,Continue reading “Spiralling down the North Island”

Hanging out at KP

Intentional community used to enthrall me. I love the concept of people with no familial obligation living together and sharing a life. I would hear talk about such places in my early twenties and listen with fascination, wanting to know more. Brief experiences with them shortly thereafter confirmed my suspicions: community life suited me. Now, IContinue reading “Hanging out at KP”