My first spring birthday

Part of the current KP crew
Part of the current KP crew

Sometimes I imagine that before incarnating into this life I sat around a coffee table with a bunch of souls making plans. “Hey! Let’s meet when we’re 11 through friend’s of friends and start hanging out years later,” or, “Tell you what, I’ll be walking down the street in 2010 and we’ll make brief and vivid eye contact, flitting by one another without a spoken word but a world of knowing.”

We make these arrangements and then dive into the tangible, manifested plane of existence that holds earth and the entire known universe. Sometimes the plans go awry; we make choices that pull us away from our original intentions and one or more of us miss the appointment. Sometimes though, everything falls into place.

Eden, Anna and Kate. Lovelies. The one in the middle (from Tennessee) is the reason why I now talk with a southern drawl.

How would I have known that the delicious souls I made plans to hang out with for my 29th birthday are the playful, joyous, accepting and vivacious people I came across?

Surprise birthday cake by Lydia. Delicious!
Surprise birthday cake by Lydia. Delicious!

The group here at Kuawi Purapura was an amazing crew to share my birthday with. I had a peaceful foray into a nature reserve, sun-soaked day at the beach and a surprise celebratory cake. I felt so loved and cared for and can’t wait to see what the last year of my twenties has in store for me.

Beach time!
Beach time!
Carrying our shoes because we were just knee deep in the kind of mud people pay good money to slather themselves in.

Gratitude to those near and far who sent me love and light for another turn around the sun.


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2 thoughts on “My first spring birthday

  1. It’s neat to read about how you’ve changed as life happens. From my viewpoint your direction and momentum indicate a full life of advanced understanding and meaning. Your rate of empowerment and resilience shows leadership qualities that may soon grow to touch a higher form of emboided consciousness. Perhaps an enlightened human form is accesible to all, should one care to persue it as you seem to be.


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