The Joy of Books

This is a photo I took this morning of my bookshelf. A couple of weeks ago I went through 11 boxes of books I’d had in storage. Eleven boxes! Now, I know Marie Kondo has been receiving some criticism for a misunderstanding of her attitude towards books, but she was not the reason why IContinue reading “The Joy of Books”


Shoes on, jacket zipped, step-step-step down the stairs and turn right. Suddenly, I realize I’m in the street. Sunlight reflecting off chlorophyll-depleted leaves. They diffuse the light somehow, those leaves. They are translucent and the light reaches me; nourishes. Gaze back down to my feet. Step-step-step. Through construction, cursing the cold, across the street justContinue reading “transit”

The Plight of the Polite Woman

The Tattooed Buddha was gracious enough to publish this piece of mine after I’d submitted it and neglected to make suggested edits for nearly half a year. It’s another example of finishing unfinished things. The Plight of the Polite Woman My work day was over. Dinner time. I clomp over the boardwalk toward the dining hallContinue reading “The Plight of the Polite Woman”

On Blinds and Other Familiar Things

I was sitting in my aunt’s living room on my latest Whirlwind Tour of Western Canada. Comfortable couches, soft lighting, great art and fabulous company. It was the day before I would catch my flight for Another Adventure and I was absorbing the experience of familiarity. Reclined in the chair, I rolled my tea cupContinue reading “On Blinds and Other Familiar Things”

The Timeline of an Ashram Visit

Somehow through that which is grace I was lucky enough to encounter, however peripherally, an author, a healer, a teacher, a self-described soul self-care coach, a lovely being named Kate Bartolotta. She passed away in April. I imagine if all the hearts she touched joined hands we could reach far enough to hold Mama EarthContinue reading “The Timeline of an Ashram Visit”