Hanging out at KP

A spontaneous trip to the west coast—Bethels Beach.
Where the river meets the sea. A spontaneous trip to the west coast—Bethells Beach

Intentional community used to enthrall me. I love the concept of people with no familial obligation living together and sharing a life. I would hear talk about such places in my early twenties and listen with fascination, wanting to know more. Brief experiences with them shortly thereafter confirmed my suspicions: community life suited me.

Now, I have years of experience living communally and the thing is, it doesn’t fascinate me anymore.

Giant calla lilies....that aren't really calla lilies.
Giant calla lilies….that aren’t really calla lilies.

Padding barefoot over the weathered deck I leave one community kitchen here at Kawai Purapura and make my way to another. The wwoofers had just had our weekly meeting and were given a $5 voucher for lunch at the resident’s place where I had just finished eating up a delicious soup and some homemade bread.

Kawai Purapura is located in the sprawling suburbs of Auckland. With accommodations for 100 residents, retreats and courses throughout the year, and around 25 volunteers(wwoofers) currently residing here, the place is the largest community living centre I’ve ever stayed at.

It came to me during that walk back to my computer that living in community doesn’t have this web of mystery and intrigue for me anymore. Yes, I know that I’m still well suited for it and yes, I still choose communal living situations, but my years at Yasodhara Ashram filled any longing I have within me.

I understand various aspects of communal living and it’s become a way of life for me rather than an abstract concept. Not only that, but the Ashram gave me what I was looking for on deeper levels as well. Now, a short stint as a volunteer at KP is giving me little by way of deeply nourishing spiritual sustenance, but much in the way of a home base while I organize my next steps in New Zealand.

I opened a New Zealand bank account and am working on the paper work to get a tax number so I can work here. It’s all within walking distance from here.

I’m glad I’ve landed here and glad to have the chance to participate in random Kirtans and other yoga offerings. I’m meeting loads of lovely people and there are hints of opportunities for the future. Life is good.

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