The Peace We Build

Originally published on Helicopters were recently flying near the Ashram to replace the cones that hang off the power line in its wide stretch across Kootenay Lake. For four days their constant hover invaded the tranquil space of the grounds. The sound of swiftly displacing air wound around buildings, entered through cracked-open windows and settledContinue reading “The Peace We Build”

Exploring Brokenness in Christchurch

Orange vests fill the city of Christchurch. Blaring radios, scaffolding, traffic cones and chain-link fences abound. “Don’t walk there,” they say, “Go this way. Watch out for this falling building.” I’ve never been to a city so devastated by a natural disaster. On September 4, 2010 the city—at the time, the second most populated inContinue reading “Exploring Brokenness in Christchurch”

Even transitions have transitions

In the slanted light of morning I sat outside this campground’s kitchen, slowly sipping my morning chai, just as I had done yesterday. Only today, the crisp bite of autumn didn’t hang in the air as long and the vibrant blue of this barren landscape’s sky was smeared with patches of warm-trapping cloud. I’m inContinue reading “Even transitions have transitions”

High School, Elections and Breath

An old high school memory popped into my head this week. It was of an assembly near summer break where we voted in the class president for the following school term. There were two candidates, and each had a bit of time to speak to the crowd of students outlining their platforms. Click here toContinue reading “High School, Elections and Breath”

Looking forward and looking back: Ten years after my wedding

I unfurl my mat on a patch of grass of my backyard under pressing dusk. I’m making an effort to do more activities that nourish me and realize I’ve gotten out of the habit of a physical asana practice. My body asks for backbends and I am happy to oblige, turning my gaze up atContinue reading “Looking forward and looking back: Ten years after my wedding”

The wisdom of Karma Yoga

 “Selfless service will make you Divine”           ~Swami Sivananda When it gets really busy at work—and it’s almost always really busy—one of my bosses says everything twice. “Cutlery to table 60. Cutlery to table 60,” he says as he rushes past with two arms full of dishes he’s just cleared. “CabinetContinue reading “The wisdom of Karma Yoga”

Attaining freedom from my possessions

My time in New Zealand has been teaching me about things. Isn’t that a succinct, direct opening line? No, let’s start over because I don’t mean that in some vague, every-moment-is-a-lesson kind of way, which is also true. I mean things. Objects and articles. All these items that I’ve decided are somehow worth being carriedContinue reading “Attaining freedom from my possessions”