Time Marches On

The sun sets behind the mountain overlooking Hobb’s Pond, my favourite little swimming hole, at around 8:15. Of course it’s past the Summer Solstice now so that hour will begin to slowly inch closer and closer to the heat of the day. It’s that heat that warms the water so incredibly, making it seem as though I slip my body into a lukewarm bath as I immerse myself into it. It’s not so warm that it seems unpleasant, yet my Canadian body isn’t quite used to lakes being so inviting.

After a strong push to finish the boat she is now in the water and not in the shop near Hobb’s Pond. A day of boat work would often finish off with a stop at the Hope general store for a sandwich to bring to the small beach to nosh on after a refreshing swim. The water’s edge leans into the narrow-laned boat launch leaving only enough room for one side to be littered with the cars of swimmers. Luckily the motorcycle makes it difficult to find a parking lot full, even a parking lot as hodge-podge as Pond Road’s abrupt end into lapping water.

The full moon is tonight and this late date finds Full Moon, a hand-made Rozinante the same age as me, finally and firmly secured to her anchor in the Camden Harbour. All the work has paid off; she barely leaked upon launch. The sail from the launching harbour to its mooring in Camden was certainly an enjoyable afternoon. I now find myself living on a boat.

In a way it’s kind of anticlimactic. I don’t mean I’m not excited and looking forward to sailing trips and open ocean mornings, but that I came to live on a boat and ok, now I live on a boat so now what? Immediately my mind jumps outward, not quite further than the base of energy that remains within me after the simple tasks of living are completed can handle, but almost. Shall I go back to school next fall? For what? What do I enjoy doing now that I want to expand on? What about teaching? I have notions in my head about what I want to offer yet I still seem to be stalling when it comes to implementing said notions.

I’m watching myself change. I’m not reflecting as much or as aware of the thoughts that spill forth through my consciousness. I’m living in the world and focusing on a myriad of many things. Like the sun’s minute of setting over Hobb’s Pond, I am participating in the cycles of life. We’ll see where I allow them to take me to next.

Om Om


Ocean Sunrise

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I like cats, music, ocean waves and the Divine.

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