Moving On

I was in Alberta for just over a week. Or, about 198 hours if you’re into that kind of thing. If I could sum it up in one word it would be flat. Alberta is decidedly flat. Sure, there were some mountainous parts in the early morning hours on the Greyhound bus from Nelson to Lethbridge. Though that part of the trip is more viscerally characterized by the drunken passenger across from me who ultimately got kicked off the bus. Why yes, I do have a nice ass. And no, you don’t get to talk about it with me. Maybe this encounter holds a better way to characterize my feelings towards Alberta – smelly and abrasive.

Coming back to the place I’ve spent the most amount of time in my life certainly shows me just how much changing I’ve done. Ironically the most amount of change I recognized was in my driving habits. Ok, maybe not the most, but certainly in a way that stood out to me. I’ve been the kind of driver in the past that planned ahead. I don’t mean this in a positive, constructive way necessarily, more in a fear-based way how I would be in the correct lane to exit off on my desired intersection approximately 3.7 kilometres before I encountered said intersection. Just what exactly was I worried about? I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get in, that there would be a car in the place I wanted to be and space wouldn’t open up when I needed it to.

I’ve begun to let go of that kind of mentality. There’s no need to worry that I won’t be able to get what I need when I want it. This concept spreads widely across most areas of life. I’m starkly seeing how my driving habits reflect it. Through working with dream symbolism I’ve come to see car dreams as symbols for my life – as symbols for incarnating onto this plane of existence. Naturally driving in waking life provides much fodder for applying symbolic interpretations of concepts to life.

So what does it mean to be in the exit lane when I need to be instead of outrageously far in advance? It means I can save all that energy previously spent on internally haranguing myself into pre-preparation and spend it on much more enjoyable pursuits. Like speedily weaving through traffic or rocking out to my cranked tunes. Ahhh fun. What fun it is to have fun instead of nitpicking my way through life in mortal fear of there not being enough of something in some distant future. There’ll be enough space in the lane I need. I know I can trust that.

As it is I’m putting that trust into action. I trust there will be enough. I’ve entered the exit lane from Alberta and have begun to make my way across the continent. My future includes time and space to be creative and see what else wants to plop into my life. I know that whatever it is I’ll be ready for it and that surely, there will be enough space.

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