Part of Concordia’s Graduate Diploma program included the creation of a twice weekly radio broadcast. Find highlights below.


Concordia News Anchor and Opinion
Radio Free Strawberry
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Interview with Alex Bilodeau, Olympic Champion

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Included in the newsletter for Yasodhara Ashram, a yoga retreat and study centre, was an audio documentary of a visit.

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Guenevere Neufeld is using what she learned at Yasodhara Ashram to bring Light into the world. This spring, she’ll be graduating from Montreal’s Concordia University with a Graduate Diploma in Journalism. “I come back to the Ashram when I can to remember who I am. In this trip the softness of the water drew out the softness in me that city life had obscured.”



Listen to Guenevere’s short audio documentary to hear about what she is learning and her New Year’s stay: